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Edinhart Realty and Design is a Real Estate and Interior Design Firm established in Fresno in February of 2014 by its President and CEO Melisa Spolini. The idea behind Edinhart Realty & design came together a noticed uprising need for Interior Design services being requested from clients going thru purchasing and selling of their homes. Melisa having an Interior Design Degree as well as a Real Estate Broker's license coupled with management experience decided to dive into combining the two as a benefit to the future of Edinhart's clients. As of now, this has proven to be a recipe of ongoing success to both the Real Estate and Interior Design Industry as they continually go hand in hand without the need of outsourcing many services.

Edinhart Realty & Design also now sells many products such as a variety of 9' to 17' drapes in stock in a variety of colors as well as kitchen countertops, flooring, window treatments, tableaux etc. Edinhart Realty & Design has been rapidly growing as agents join the team and new employees are hired to keep up with the daily Real Estate and Interior Design Demand of its clients. Edinhart Realty & Design along with it's known logo are both individually registered trademarks with the USPTO.

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